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Situated in the birthplace of the French Cutlery, DASSAUD Fils mainly  manufactures professional knives and blades for food industry.

Created in 1986, our company is now the market leader in France and with booming international sales we are gaining significant market shares world wide.

We, at Dassaud Fils, manufacture all of our own knives and manage the manufacturing process from raw material to the finished product. That is the way we ensure quality at the highest standard. The thermoplastic handles and stainless steel blades are all of high quality components and are designed for intensive use and wear in food industry.

All our knives are recyclable and blades are engraved with serial numbers to enable identification and analysis of their manufacturing specifications. Most of our models are available in five colours.

By listening to our customers and using our skill, knowledge and flexibility within the business we have been able to develop new and innovative products to meet customers’ needs and their expectations, especially in the areas of reduction of muscular skeletal disorders, increases in productivity and yield etc…


Dassaud Fils’s main innovations are :

  • scalloped blades for boning knives,

  • coloured handles,

  • Sécuricoupe, Ultragrip,

  • Afilinox, X Fil,

remain avant-gardist.


What ever your need are, we have the organisation to position on quality and innovation utmost priority and also to be able to develop new ideas very fast.


And more particulary :


Caribou range


Evolutive range : large choice of blades and specific handles regarding size, shape, safety level combined ergonomy, comfort and dexterity.


Ultragrip : knives specially designed to meet the requirements of wearing cut resistant gloves, the “non slip” grip on both sides of the handle fit neatly into the weave of the glove . This allows the operator to work with less strain and effort which reduces the danger of slip injuries and repetitive strain insurance claims.

Sécuricoupe range


Knives designed for specific operations where slip injuries are possible.The Securicoupe range have safety handles to prevent the hand slipping up the knife and causing injury or muscular skeletal disorders. These ergonomic handles are comfortable, hygienic, practical and designed to be used in special work areas and applications. The handles are available in three sizes.


 Sharpener made with 100% stainless steel rod which can be re-sharpened after wear.


A Crossed steel sharpener manufactured in 100% in stainless steel. Made with three independent rods this unique steel is easy to use, guarantees the same sharpening quality as a traditional steel and most importantly, allows the operator to repair the edge. Without any maintenance, it can be used with a stand or directly fixed on a table.

We propose also a selection of very high quality products :

  • Knife baskets, knife racks,

  • Crossed steel sharpeners, sharpening machines,

  • Cut resistant seamless gloves.


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